Behind the scenes of jewellery making

Behind the scenes of jewellery making

Behind the scenes of jewellery making.

One of the aspects I’m very happy with is how well the production process is organized and how satisfied the workers seem to be with their work. In this blog a little preview about our atelier works and how silver is recycled.

Waste management in Portugal! 

Gold and silver are valuable metals of course. Losing parts is just not an option and waste management becomes a very essential part of the production. How do they try to collect the tiny bits of gold and silver resting from the production?

Every tiny bit is recycled

  • Every worker has small cups where they put their rest pieces
  • There is a grid on the floor to prevent small pieces to get stuck on your shoes. At the end of the day they lift the grid and the whole floor is hovered.
  • When you wash your hands, the water goes through 3 trays with strainers so that small valuable bits can be recovered before it goes down the drain.
  • The used water goes  to a deposit to be treated and cleaned before it travels to the sewer. 


Gold and silver being melted

Gold and silver are recovered, separated and melted to a new bar. From these bars new jewellery are made.
The making of a jewellery goes trought different phases.
Parts of our delicate jewellery are made under a magnifying solder machine. To gold plate silver we use the high quality 5 microns. The silver items go into a water and a solution of high quality 5 microns and is then electrified for some minutes. Everything turns into gold.
From pieces of silver to a bar


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